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Reduce Your Conversion Cost

Curtail Wastage by 23%

Diminish Breakdown by 17%

Increase Production by 18%

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iQ-Metallika on Cloud

Choose iQ-Metallika's enterprise edition ERP suite on Cloud if you
think investing in On-Premise model will make a hole in your pocket.

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iQ-Metallika launches Mobile application that
makes your experience in dispatching goods
easier and hassle free

Now Dispatch your Goods on time from wherever you are around the globe.

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Having served the steel industry for more than 9 years, we know the operational pain points of a steel makers and hence have incorporated in the best practices of steel industry into the system. 

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Key Features

Brief key features & Benefits of the product

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iQ-Metallika on Cloud

With a bird’s eye view of business, iQ-Metallika is more than just a software rather it is a technology strategy that integrates your entire set of business functions

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iQ Metallika is an ERP software launched by iMax Technologies for meeting the specific needs of the steel industry. The software can significantly reduce time, effort, cost, and errors across a number of key business processes in induction furnaces, rolling mills, sponge iron plants, concasts and integrated steel plants industry.

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Employees work at a workshop of Hangzhou Iron and Steel Group Company in Hangzhou

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