About Us

iQ Metallika is an ERP software launched by iMax Technologies for meeting the specific needs of the steel industry. The software can significantly reduce time, effort, cost, and errors across a number of key business processes in induction furnaces, rolling mills, sponge iron plants, concasts and integrated steel plants industry.

iMax offers clients a unique mix of innovative software technology, proven industry expertise and outstanding customer service. By employing object-oriented technology (OOT) based solutions, iMax offers major advantages to customers — including those customers with information systems that must continually adapt to changing environments. Using OOT-based solutions and associated tools, libraries and programming environments iMax professionals are able to develop business solutions with reduced system development time and lower maintenance costs. Reducing your time to market, costs and business risks.

The iMax team comprises of highly qualified professionals who helped pioneer some of the top object-oriented products on the market today. The iMax team can help design, develop and implement a software solution that works for you — a tailored solution that fits your needs. IMax has proven experience in full lifecycle implementation of a wide range of IT solutions. A key component of iMax’s consistently successful engagements is its thorough knowledge transfer process.

Because iMax addresses the business implications of technology, clients are assured that our solutions will fit their business needs. iMax adheres to clients’ exacting software and business specifications when helping them make major transitions to better, more powerful solutions. This attention to technology’s role in a client’s business has earned iMax a roster of clients who are among the most highly recognized and respected organizations in the world. In addition to its broad technical knowledge and business acumen, iMax boasts outstanding team’s expertise Metal Vertical.