iQ-Production Planning & Control

As steel consumption is rising very fast as a consequence of the prospective dynamic economic growth, there is demand for high quality products. On top of that globalization and cut throat competition have pushed companies to their limits in bringing high quality products at a competitive price into the market. Ahead of them also lie complex challenges and intriguing opportunities. With fluctuating demands from the customers to complying with government regulations, they are facing constant pressure to deliver the deliverables at an affordable price on time before the customer changes its mind and switches to other vendor.

Seizing such opportunities and addressing these complex challenges lies in evaluating its current business process in the first place to know the pulse of an organization’s health. Once the flaws or complexities in the current business process are detected, it helps to get a better a better understanding of operational pain points and business requirement of different functions in an organization.  

Now comes the million dollar question whether an “ERP will be able address the business requirements of a company or not?” .Nobody wants to go for heavy customization as it can break an ERP implementation.

The answer to this question lies in deploying an already customized, robust, scalable, flexible and tailor made solution which has brought the best business practices of steel industry. iQ-Metallika Production and Planning module helps you enhance and automate your production process thereby increasing your overall production capacity and achieving more from less.

iQ-Metallika Production planning & Control is a complete package that offers a wide range of features, designed to match your niche requirements that manages the entire production process as a unified process right from Scrap/Iron Ore to Semi finished or finished products like Sponge Iron/Ingots/Billets/TMT/Flat/Structure/Rebar’s in the most simple and efficient manner that meets the requisite specifications from the customer.

Brief key benefits and features of this module are mentioned below:

                        1. Daily Production Planning as per Pendency from Sales Department

                                  a. Production Planning for Item/Brand/Size

                   2. Daily Production (Execution)

                                  a. Size Wise Production

                                  b. Quality Wise Production

                    3. Daily Consumption Report (Per Tonne)

                                   a. Ingot/Billet

                                   b. Furnace Oil

                                   c. Electricity

                     4. Monthly Production

                                   a. Size Wise

                                   b. Item Wise

                                   c. Quality Wise

                                   d. Capacity Planning

                                   e. Machine times – Make Ready & Run Over

                                   f. Production Planning (man & machine)

                                   g. Production Costing Analysis

                                   h. BOM

                                    i. Raw Material Cost

                                    j. Fuel Cost

                                   k. Electricity Cost, Maintenance cost

                                    l. All of the above on Per Tonne Basis & from Actual Data

                     5. Wastage Analysis (MISS ROLLS/SHORT LENGTH/RANDOM) from an efficient Quality Assurance Module

                                    a. Due to defects in raw material

                                    b. Due to breakdowns

                                    c. Due to Manhandling

                                    d. Tracking of Heat #’S & Pc#

                                    e. Tracking of every Heat

                                    f. Scrap & Other Inputs Consumed

                                    g. Heat Wise Production

                                    h. QA of Every Heat

                                    i. Heat Wise – Riser & Runner Tracking

                                    j. Profitability of Heat

                                   k. Chemical Composition Recording

                                    l. PB Set & Mould Accounting