iQ-Stock Control

Managing inventory can be a cumbersome task if not managed properly. Whether you produce or buy raw materials, management of your inventory is critical to controlling your costs and ensuring the smooth operation of your business. The Stock Control Module of iQ-Metallika automates all stock related functions of a plant. Stock control forms the backbone of any plant and involves much time and resources. iQ Metallika handles all the store activities like Item Grouping & Structuring, Min-Max Definition & Analysis, Re-Order Level Definitions & Alerts, Store Transactions etc.

Salient Features:

  • Stock analysis including Scrap (Quality Wise), Ingot (Size Wise)
  • TOR/TMT /Structure/Rolls (Quality Wise)
  • PB Sets, Moulds, Riser / Runner


  • Streamlines the process of stock ledger & stock status including costing & aging
  • Detailed reports on raw materials, finished goods, and work in progress.
  • Provides inputs for MRP

As seen in steel industry, many manufacturers devote excessive time and resources managing orders to their suppliers. Labor-intensive processes of tracking disparate forecast and consumption cause an inventory levels rise and ultimately raise costs for buyers and suppliers. The Stock Control module of iQ-Metallika helps in lowering inventory levels by efficient order management.

For instance when a sales order is recorded into the system, it triggers an automatic availability check where in the sales person gets clarity on the availability of inventory before confirming to the required delivery date of the customer (ATP – Available-to-Promise date). In case if there is inventory shortage the system generates a purchase request which in turn integrates with the procurement department for purchase order processing.

Brief Key features and Benefits of this modules are:

1. Item Grouping & Structuring

2. Min Max Definition & Analysis

3. Re-Order Definition & Alerts

4. Store Transactions

                – Material Requisition

                               a. Department

                               b. Cost Centre

                               c. Budget Wise

                – Material Issue

                – Material Return

                – Purchase Return

5. Stock Analysis

                         – Scrap (Quality Wise)

                         – Ingot (Size Wise)

                         – TOR/TMT/Structure/Rolls (Quality Wise)

                         – PB Sets

                         – Rise/Runner

6. Stock ledger & Stock Status

                         – Costing

                         – Ageing

                                  a. Finished goods

                                  b. Raw Materials

                                  c. Work in Progress

              7. Input for MRP