As per estimates, there are over thousand of companies in India with turnover of Rs 300 crores which need IT services and particularly ERP. These constitute the SMB market which contributes 46% to India’s GDP. It provides employment to more than 25,00,000 people and believe it or not the potential for IT in this market in India alone is USD 15 billion by  2015.

iQ-Metallika has been serving the Steel SMB market for 8-9 years till date. We know their operational pain points and we have henceforth penetrated significantly into this market.

As iQ-Metallika is perceived as a “tailor-made” product for steel SMBs, everyone benefits from one-to-one engagements, and iQ-metallika welcomes partnerships with organisations that appreciate this business model.

Additionally, as a partner, iQ-metallika enables you to reach into the booming steel business – for you to forge long term relationships and look forward to ongoing revenues.

The entire structure is supported by strong Partner training and toll-free support.

If you are interested to partner with iQ-Metallika, then become an iQ-Metallika partner. A team from iQ-Metallika will get in touch with you to explore and understand how to address this huge opportunity that lies ahead, jointly.