iQ-Procurement Management

One of the top challenges steel plants encounter is cheaper procurement without compromising on its quality and recovery. In India where the race to procure key raw materials- Iron ore or Scrap, lifeblood of an Indian steel maker, is getting more dogged, measuring purchasing performance is important as the procurement department plays an ever increasingly important role in the supply chain in an economic downturn. A reduction in the cost of raw material and services can allow companies to competitively market the price of their finished goods in order to win business. An obvious performance measure of the success of any purchasing department is the amount of money saved by the company. 

With Procurement module of iQ-Metallika, it gives you the power to automate the purchase of general and raw material like scrap, ingot, billet, bloom with physical and chemical attribute, premium metals. It also has provision for opening new masters such as items, quality, size, broker, furnace, vendor etc.

Salient Features:

  • Purchase Indent
  • Request for Quotation
  • Quotation From Vendor
  • Purchase Order
  • Raw Material Purchase
  • Ingot/Billet/Scrap – Sauda /Deal
  • Purchase Return
  • Termination of Deals