Why Us


The privacy and security of our clients is of our utmost concern. We make no compromise while maintaining the privacy of the confidential information of the clients. Our software is also 100% secure. It never hampers any other business process of the company.


The software developed by us is fast and sophisticated. It automates your every process at the fastest speed and saves your valuable time.

Industry Knowledge

The professionals at iMax Technologies have in-depth knowledge on your environment. That’s why we are in a better position to develop the software meeting your exact needs. We are well-versed with the terminologies and various processes of your company.

Specific Software

We have developed the software to meet the specific needs of the steel industry. So, our clients can start deployment immediately without the need for major customization.

Track Record

We have an excellent track record of serving many prominent names from the metal industry. It offers you enough reasons to repose your trust on our credibility.

Long-term Relationship

At iMax Technologies, we always endeavor to maintain long term relationships with your clients. Even after the completion of the project, we offer a helping hand to our clients if they face any problem while using our software.